Hello 2019

Hello 2019

I am so excited about my start to 2019! January to me is all about building strong foundations for the year. Setting my intentions and doing the ground work I need to fulfil them. I have a clear picture in my head of what I want to achieve, and know that do to so I need to continue to learn and develop, as well as setting up some business systems. As much as I would love to just make and see what happens, I know from experience that systems keep you sane and help you grow. So the first half of January has been more about working on my business than in my business. Setting down roots and planting seeds J

I spent the first week at Sturt Contemporary Craft and Design campus in Mittagong at their Summer school taking part in a Glaze workshop with Greg Daly.  Greg Daly is an Australian ceramic artist of international standing, and an absolute legend when it comes to glaze, firing and basically all things ceramics. It was fabulous to be surrounded by likeminded people all keen to learn and absorb all the tips and learnings we could from Greg. We basically spent ALL day, every day, for 5 full days, in the studio, sneaking back in after dinner at night to do extra things while the kiln was finishing its firing. We looked at how glazes interact when layered under or over each other (yes, that makes a HUGE difference to the end result!), different ways to apply glazes, composition of glazes and how to test them to change their properties, melting point or colour, negative space and composition, health and safety, good studio practice, good equipment to make or buy, inspirational Australian and international ceramicist, I picked up a top throwing tip for the wheel……. I could go on, but I am sure you get the picture that we covered at lot of everything! I am so glad I took myself off on my own little adventure. It was a fabulous start to the year and I know I will be drawing on the inspiration and knowledge picked up for a LONG time!

Other exciting starts to 2019 is that I have decided to start as I mean to go on and have advertised, interviewed and found myself a studio / admin assistant. I have big plans and knew that to achieve what I want to, another pair of hands was needed. I am so excited to have Karen starting this week. I just know we will make the BEST team. Alongside this, I have been working with the help of my son Jamie (as in I say what I want it to look like and he makes it happen) to set up my online shop that’s linked in with Instagram and Facebook. EEEEEKKKK! Exciting developments! It’s a work in progress and I am slowly building up the stock available as I get it made.

Between Christmas and New Year I kept the kiln with a new project that is an extension to my Talisman series and a new collaboration. The new collaboration I am excited to announce is between myself and the beautiful Bonnie Hislop. Bonnie is a Brisbane based creative who produces beautiful handbuilt pieces that are painted with bright colours and intricate line detail. She is opening a studio on 8th Feb in California Lane, Fortitude Valley where she will run workshops and you can decorate your very own pieces – like perhaps a travel cup wheel thrown for you by me! My new Talisman pieces draw inspiration from celtic crosses and particularly Bewcastle cross and its intricate carvings. You can check them out online!

2019 is unfolding beautifully and I cannot wait to see the opportunities it brings. I am looking forward to getting my hands in clay and getting making again. One rather large side project I am going to take part in is the #clay100challenge that Kylie from @noticingceramics is organising. I have thoughts on jars running around my head – their uses through the ages, the surface area for decorating, different lid options and the technical skills needed to get them made correctly. I think committing to making 100 jars should just about hone those skills and answer all the questions in my head!

My favourite pieces from my Glaze Course at Sturt

Talisman Crosses

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