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Carys Martin Ceramics

Apothecary Jar

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Apothecary Jar

Height 20cm high

This Apothecary Jar is a work of original art in its own right, that will bring a touch of magic to any home. The vessel and lid are both wheel thrown separately to exact dimensions so that they work together. The decoration on this piece is achieved through many layers of underglaze, tissue transfer, sgraffito and glazes, with multiple firings to create an ancient textured look.

Our inspiration is drawn from the natural environment, ancient artefacts and cultures, along with the myriad options for surface design and finish. Carys originally trained as a printmaker and this often shows through in the detail of the surface decoration. She is drawn to contrasts and moments in time where different cultures overlap. You will find raw clay surfaces contrasting with a shiny, smooth glaze finish or highly decorated surfaces alongside negative space. The inspiration behind many of her pieces stem from growing up in a remote Cumbrian hamlet, where relics, stories and folklore were commonplace.