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Carys Martin Ceramics


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One of its kind, original artwork mug.

Beech: Learn


Wisdom comes from life learning.

Now is a time of learning. Beech has a strong association with wisdom, so much so that the thin leaves of beechwood were said to have been bound together to form the first books. Beech brings her wisdom to you in abundance, asking you to nurture yourself and take time to gain more knowledge where you need to.

The Mother in the Triple Goddess who symbolises the three stages of a woman's life depicted through the phases of the moon; Maiden, Mother and Crone, is reflected in the Beech as Mother of the Woods. Let the Mother of the Woods speak to your maternal energy and the deep knowledge associated within it. It is important to not neglect yourself in looking after those around you. There will be a right time for others to flourish underneath your guidance but not all will get the chance.

The energy of long summer days comes to show you that you have enough time. It is never too late to start a new path, to invigorate your career or love life. You can always learn a new skill. Seek out ways to study, gather information and expand your mind.
In the past, slivers of Beech were carried as a talisman to increase creative energy and bring good fortune. Today, Beech beckons to you to find a way to broaden your horizons and seek out new paths. The strong, calm and nurturing energy of the Mother of the Woods will cradle you as you step out of your comfort zone.

What wisdom do you wish to possess? Take the steps you need to rise to the challenge of gaining new knowledge.


See Whispers From The Woods oracle deck and companion book for more information on the meaning.

This wheel thrown mug is hand decorated with layers of different glazes and liquid gold and takes many weeks to create.   

Found in a place with magic in the air, where misty mornings gather dew on mossy rocks and sunlight forms dappled shadows under the trees. The animals in this wood hear the whispering of the ancients as their lives intertwine through the passing seasons. 

Approximate dimensions- height 10cm / diameter 8cm