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Carys Martin Ceramics

SALE Echoes of an Ancient Past Small Plate

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Stoneware wheel thrown and carved plate with beautiful glaze detail. 

Plate - Approximate Diameter 15cm

Introducing the “Echoes of an Ancient past” collection, This collection transports you back in time to the Neolithic period, Up on the fells in Northumbria there are amazing Neolithic rock carvings dating back 4,000-6000 years ago.

Neolithic rock art is found in Ireland, Brittany, wales and Cumbria. There are multiple theories as to what rock art carvings mean. Some experts believe they may have played a role in fire, feastings and offering activities, or been used as ‘signposts’, or to mark territory.

Other experts point to a spiritual significance. For hunter-gatherer communities high mountains or seashores were often considered the domain of supernatural ancestors and the vast majority of rock art is found in these areas.

Whatever the meaning all I know is that there is something special about this and this collection was intricately carved from a deep place within history.  Echoes of an ancient past honours these formations and the moving feeling stirred within from visiting them. 

I hope simply having these bowls in your home and eating from gives you the same feeling of excitement as peering under the moss to see what lays beneath

This collection was Handmade with love as always.