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Carys Martin Ceramics

Gratitude Heart Sacred Moon in Gold

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Gratitude Heart Bowl intricately carved and hand painted and finished with liquid gold.

Approximate Diameter - 8cm. Height - 6cm

Gratitude changes everything, it allows us to always look for the beauty even in the darkness, it’s contagious to others and gives light to our heart and soul. The gratitude bowl is handmade in the shape of a heart to remind us to practice gratitude daily in our life.

The Gratitude bowl is a keeper of special things, they make a beautiful gift to honour those we are grateful for, a thank you present, somewhere to write and keep a daily gratitude message in, for crystals, jewellery or even a great salt container by the cooktop.

The phases of the moon are complex and beautiful. As the moon moves through her phases so to do we, sometimes shining bright, and other times shying away from the light to allow ourselves time to regenerate, grow and clear our minds and thoughts. We often find our lives mirroring the deep spiritual meanings and ancient rituals associated with the changing of the moon.

This cup is a reminder that every phase we go through is temporary and the only constant is change and doing our best to have a deep sense of satisfaction and happiness at the end of each day.