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Carys Martin Ceramics

Oak Acorn box

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One of its kind, original artwork .

Oak: Hospitality


Stay connected and support others.

Your thoughts and actions are a reflection of each other. Just as the Oak reaches into the heavens while its roots spread far into the ground, take heart in the saying ‘as above, so below’. Everything you do is connected and has an impact. In order to achieve great things, you must live in your flow where your actions and thoughts mirror each other and are in perfect alignment. Is there a disconnect somewhere in your life? This can lead to dysfunction and a feeling of loss and dissatisfaction.

Oak asks you to master yourself and live your truth. The harmony of this will create a feeling of ease where your life will flow wonderfully. This hospitable environment you create within will benefit others as you project a safe space to flourish and grow. Seemingly small actions can leave a wider impression. Strive to be like the Oak. Live your truth and see how it will assist you in taking caring action towards others and your environment on a daily basis.

Approximate dimensions- height 7cm