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Carys Martin Ceramics

Poppy Seed Head Lidded Pot

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I’ve always been drawn to poppy seed heads. To me, the magic of the poppy does not lie in the papery vibrant flowers, but the woody intricate chamber that contains the seeds. 

These beautiful lidded pots are versatile and can be used throughout the house to store trinkets, keep your salt in a beautiful container and even a lovely little pot for sweet treats.

Approximate height 10cm

To find out more about the making process click here.

These items are handmade at every stage in the making process and so each is unique. From creating the form, to hand making each batch of glaze, to hand carving and hand painting the designs, many variances are found at each stage of the process. Each piece is mindfully created in my studio over a number of weeks, with each finished piece having its own subtle differences. That is the beauty of handmade. These photos are a representation of the piece from this collection you will receive.