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Carys Martin Ceramics

Rising Sun Smudge Set

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The Ritual Smudge kit is a unique combination of organically grown ancient herbs and a unique clay dish (approx diameter 16-18cm) with uniquely carved designs or intricate layered glazes, handmade with love over many hours, days and weeks and finished with gold.

The selected herbs are organically grown on Draper Farm North West of Brisbane, then are picked, dried and bundled with much love and care, just for you.  Our smudge sticks are tightly bundled, giving them a slow and consistent burn and making them much easier to stub out. You will get many uses out of each smudge stick.

Our Ritual set includes Smudge stick and clay dish. Our smudge stick is a unique combination containing three sacred plants from the indigenous American medicine wheel - White Sage, Cedar and Sweetgrass. These herbs represent South, North and West. Smudging this blend is known to send you protection, positivity and renewal,attract angels and spirit guides to watch over and protect you.

The Ritual Set comes packaged in a gorgeous keep sake eco-friendly hand printed box and a Carys Oracle Card which has been specially picked for the new owner

This special Handmade Rising Sun clay dish is a beautiful and constant daily reminder from nature that every day is a new beginning and no matter what is happening in our lives we can always start again. No two sun rises are the same, just like each day of our life is different.

Every day we have a clean slate and we all need to look to the light to grow, to be our authentic and original self and face the world each day with enthusiasm, energy gratitude, courage and determination to move forward. 

For thousands of years the sun has been known as a sacred symbol across cultures and religions and is the heart of our physical and spiritual world.