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Carys Martin Ceramics

Sacred Full Moon Large Plate

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26cm diameter Wheel thrown Plate

These plates are thrown on the wheel and when leather hard the foot ring is trimmed in. The contrasting clay is applied to the surface with a brush and left to dry before the design is carved into the plate surface. Once bone dry the plate undergoes it’s first 10 hour firing to 1000 degrees. When the kiln is cooled the plate is then glazed with one of my glazes I hand make in my studio. The second firing takes the piece to around 1250 degrees over 10 hours with a slow cooling of around 18 hours. Each piece is handmade with love over a number of weeks

The Sun and Moon plate is an exquisite piece of artwork, many hours have gone into bringing this plate to life. The plate itself has also been delicately hand carved and underwent two different firings in the kiln. Many hours of handmade love have bought this plate to you, so you can share the beauty of her creation in your home.

This plate portrays the sun and the moon in its daily magical ritual as they rise and set. It’s a reminder that we need the darkness as well as the light to truly live life to the fullest.

Life is constantly cycling and we are growing and changing every day. The one constant is that the sun and moon will always rise. Even though phases will change in our lives we are constantly grounded by the sun and the moon.

Perfect for cleansing your crystals under the Full Moon or as an alter centre piece.