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Carys Martin Ceramics

Sacred Smudge Workshop - Saturday 20th August, 1pm-3pm

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Join me in the studio for my new Sacred Smudge Workshop. Smudge sticks are an ancient form of burning herbs to cleanse spaces, ward away negative energy and channel your intentions. During the workshop, you will craft a custom, divine smudge stick using herbs, flowers, crystals, totems and more while you learn about their incredible properties. I will also teach you how to create a carved, ceramic smudge snuffer bowl to accompany your smudge stick.

I will carefully dry your piece before its first firing then clear glaze it and fire it in the kiln. It will be ready for collection from the studio in 2-3 weeks. On the rare occasion any breakages occur during the firing process, I will repair them to the bet of my ability. However, if your piece is unable to be repaired, you will be offered the opportunity to remake it or a full refund.

Saturday 20th August, 1-3pm

Studio Address - Unit 11, 7-9 Grant St Cleveland.