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Carys Martin Ceramics

Smokey Quartz Point and Amazonite Crystal Mug

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The Smokey Quartz Point and Amazonite crystal cup brings you a special vibe. 

These crystals combine the protective quality of Smokey Quartz and the soothing support of Amazonite. Amazonite helps you to communicate from the heart, giving you the insight to be honest with yourself and make decisions for your greater good. Smokey Quartz has a powerful, grounding energy which will cleanse your mind and uplift your mood. The combination is energetically potent, bringing all the good vibes to your day. 

Let Mother Earth's gifts become part of your daily ritual. 

These mugs are hand wash only due to the delicate nature of the gold and crystal.

The triple goddess is a connection to all things feminine. It’s comprised of a waxing crescent, full moon, and a waning crescent. The symbol is the maiden, mother, and crone. Each phase of the moon correlates with a phase of a woman’s life.

The Maiden: Represented by the new moon. The maiden embodies purity, youth, creation, pleasure, naivety, and new beginnings. The maiden invites you to explore your spirituality, sensuality, and creativity.

The Mother: Represented by the full moon. The mother embodies love, fertility nourishment responsibility, patience, gratitude, power, and self-care. The mother invites you to master giving and receiving love.

The Crone: Represented by the fading waning moon. The crone embodies endings, wisdom, death, acceptance, and culmination. The crone invites you to accept that without death there is no birth.