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Carys Martin Ceramics

SALE 50% DISCOUNT APPLIED AT CHECKOUT - Talisman Wall Hanging - Cross in turquoise Green

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Ceramic Cross | This wall hanging is made by hand throwing a slab of clay and then cutting the design. The pattern is applied using different colour clay slips, hand cut Japanese tissue transfer and hand painted oxide. I use wax resist to build up the layers of pattern. The 12 carat gold lustre is applied and left to cure before firing for the third time. Each piece is unique whilst complimenting the rest of the series. Once the ceramic pieces are completed they are assembled with added found materials. 

Our beautiful keepsake box has been specifically designed for our Talisman Wall Hangings and is made with recycled materials and soy based inks. All artwork is original and designed and drawn by Carys. We worked with local Brisbane designers and manufactures whose environmental and ethical values align with ours. In using our bespoke packaging we are reducing the packaging needed and helping to spread our message, sharing the joy and creating awareness. 

Dimensions of overall wall hanging - Height 40cm X Width 18cm
Dimensions of cross - Height 23cm X Width 18cm

A talisman is an object that someone believes holds magical properties that bring good luck to the possessor or protect the possessor from evil or harm. Throughout human history and across all cultures, a multitude of magical rituals have been conducted for different purposes and intentions. Magic rituals led to the appearance of magical objects such as amulets which are still believed to have different warding or welcoming properties, and are thought to be able to help the wearer in various regards.
The cross is an icon that illustrates how universal energies converge. It represents the harmony and stability of powerful, sacred energies both seen and unseen in our universe. 

I am continually making and creating new work in my studio, and updating my Etsy shop with the latest creations hot out of the kiln. Follow me and see all the behind the scenes processes involved in making my pieces on Instagram @CarysMartinCeramics