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Carys Martin Ceramics

SALE - Talisman Wall Hanging - Welsh Love Spoon

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Welsh Love Spoons were traditionally carved from a single piece of wood by young men as a love token for their sweetheart. Originally they were thought to have originated from the cawl (soup) spoon and the detail of the carving and the gifting of the spoon would demonstrate the suitors ability to care and provide for the focus of his affection. Over time they became more and more intricate and rather than being a functional spoon became a piece to proudly hang upon the wall.

Today welsh love spoons are often gifted at weddings (at my wedding I received love spoons and horseshoes for love and luck from family) and are still gifted to sweethearts.

These love spoons join my Talisman ceramic wall hanging collection and will bring a whole lot of love and luck to your home. 

Dimensions of overall wall hanging - Height 25cm X Width 8cm
Dimensions of spoon - Height 18cm X Width 8cm

This is a piece that takes many stages and processes to create and the end result showcases the care and love that has gone into it’s production. 

I am continually making and creating new work in my studio, and updating my shop with the latest creations hot out of the kiln. Follow me and see all the behind the scenes processes involved in making my pieces on Instagram @CarysMartinCeramics