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Carys Martin Ceramics

Taurus Zodiac Crystal Cup

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Enjoy this unique, handmade Cup features the zodiac sign, constellation and its gem  

Those born between April 20 – May 20 are the anchors of the zodiac, they are grounded, immovable and rooted. With an Earth element, they are loyal and stable and bring you down to earth with a reminder to build strong foundations. Ruled by Venus, the planet of love, they are drawn to comfort and pleasure, celebrating the blessings of the material world. 

In Greek mythology the constellation Taurus commemorates the god Zeus changing himself into a beautiful white bull to win the affections of the Phoenician princess Europa. Rose quartz emits a gentle and loving energy that boosts Taureans’ compassion and can open them up to receiving and giving love. Its strengthens the heart and brings emotional healing. Taureans are dependable, committed and love life’s earthy pleasures.

Let Mother Earth's gifts become part of your daily ritual.  

To find out more about the making process click here.   

These items are handmade at every stage in the making process and so each is unique. From creating the form, to hand making each batch of glaze, to hand carving and hand painting the designs, many variances are found at each stage of the process. Each piece is mindfully created in my studio over a number of weeks, with each finished piece having its own subtle differences. That is the beauty of handmade. These photos are a representation of the piece from this collection you will receive.