Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice

As we approach the longest night and shortest day in the southern hemisphere we are reminded of the cyclic nature of our journey through life. The everlasting patterns of the seasons run deep through our veins and if we slow down and retreat within, we can connect with the time-honoured traditions of our ancestors.
Many passage graves and chambered cairns in northern Europe are aligned precisely to allow the light at the darkest point of the year to pierce the darkness of the chamber, marking the point at which the shortest day has past and the return of the sun. Stone circles are aligned with the sun on the Solstices, with stones framing the rising and setting of the sun. It is likely that these stone circles and passage graves would have been where our ancestors gathered at solstices to witness the pivotal points in the year and to conduct rituals and ceremonies to honour the changing seasons and to give thanks and ask for blessings for the future.

I encourage you to live in harmony with the forces of nature, and on solstice eve soak up the light of all things good to create feelings of gratitude, faith, warmth, light and kindness. Have your own ritual where you gather around a fire with friends, sipping warming teas and cacao from your very own special ritual mugs. This is the perfect time to start to take daily actions to plant the seeds you wish to bear fruit. Work with your Whispers From The Woods oracle deck to tap into your intuition and help you to live with intention and take daily actions to lead you on the path towards your end goal.

In the Southern hemisphere our winter solstice is all about bonfires, lanterns and light to light the longest night, whilst in the northern hemisphere they hold the balance celebrating the longest day with feasting and dancing to celebrate the abundance of summer. We cycle through the seasons, firstly putting our dreams in place and planting seeds for the future, then giving thanks for our blessings and reaping the seeds we have sown.

Winter is the perfect time for us to retreat within and reflect on what we wish for, setting our intentions for the next stage in our life. We can draw the line on where we are at, and decide to create a path to where we wish to be. Then, by taking daily actions and focusing on our end goal we can move forward.
Its easy to get distracted by life and that is why working with the Whispers From The Woods oracle deck each morning helps you to live with intention and focus on your own greater good.

Creating your own mini rituals – like making your tea / coffee in your special crystal cup or enchanted mug, act as anchor points to help ground you, stopping the distractions of daily life.Make a commitment to yourself this Solstice to reconnect with what you want to achieve in this life.

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