Whispers From The Woods Oracle Deck

Whispers From The Woods book cover


Access your daily dose of guidance, full of ancestorial Celtic wisdom, folklore and folktales. These oracle cards help you to tap into your intuition and raise your self awareness, whilst connecting you to nature and the ancient lands of our Celtic forefathers.

Come take a walk in the woods with me. The wisdom of the woods will come to you as whispers on the wind.

Three generations of family come together, combining their unique talents and creativity to bring you Whispers From The Woods, a collection of oracle cards with an accompanying book. Marleen Morgans brings her incredible talent as an experienced artist, Jamie Martin delivers seamless tech wizardry enabling the cards to come to life on screen and Carys Martin is the artistic visionary, writer and mastermind of the project.

Whispers From The Woods began as a vision I had of a heartfelt collaborative project. With my Mum and I living in different continents, I wanted something we could both work on to interlink our thoughts as one and give our daily routines a joint focus. Once the seed had been planted in my mind, the idea of creating an oracle card deck grew and evolved. With imagery, memories and stories for the cards coming thick and fast, I began to catalogue and extend my research. Sharing my vision for each card with my Mum Marleen, the cards slowly came to life. 

In bringing the cards to life, my focus started with the trees and animals I wanted to include and the feelings I wanted to inspire. Initially, I wrote down short versions of memories, experiences and favourite stories from my childhood and a list of values I wanted to include. Focusing on the characteristics of the animal or tree featured in the card I interlinked the spirit of the card and the messages I wanted to convey together. These provided enough inspiration for Mum to intuitively draw and paint the illustration for the oracle card.

After seeing the first few paintings, I realised the bar had been raised and I needed to delve deeper into the message of each card to match Mum's extremely detailed and gorgeous artwork. What followed was significant hours of reading and research, where I cross referenced my intuitive and ancestral knowing against that of others. I drew upon my previous experience, particularly my years of teaching, leading, coaching and training to ensure a clear message was presented in each card.

At times, everyone needs a little guidance to help take control of their lives and be the best version of themselves. Although these cards will not tell you what to do in life nor are they responsible for your actions, I hope they provide some clarity and comfort. I want the message from the cards to be like the words of a gentle friend who has your best interests at heart. The cards and their book should be a beautiful experience that feels like a deep breath of fresh air in your soul. They should be something to add to your daily ritual and help you step out of the hustle of life. They should connect you to nature and help you tap into the intuitive knowledge that flows through you.

The next step in my vision was to bring my son Jamie on board. Through his tech wizardry he delivers an incredible experience, enabling the cards to come to life on screen. You can access the cards online to do your daily reading, the app tracks your readings showing you the messages that come through to you strongest each month. You have space to journal and record your thoughts around your reading and how the guidance you received is relevant to you in that moment. As your messages come to you, you can read then on your device or listen to the audio of some of the guidance and folklore that is stored on the app. 


Drawing on a lifetime of creativity and ancestral wisdom, Carys, Marleen and Jamie have created Whispers From The Woods to bring you a touch of this very special magic.



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