Whispers From The Woods Oracle Deck

Whispers From The Woods book cover

Three generations of family come together, combining their unique talents and creativity to bring you Whispers From The Woods, a collection of oracle cards with an accompanying book. Marleen Morgans brings her incredible talent as an experienced artist, Jamie Martin delivers seamless tech wizardry enabling the cards to come to life on screen and Carys Martin is the artistic visionary, writer and mastermind of the project.

Whispers From The Woods began as a vision Carys had of a heartfelt collaborative project.  Once the seed had been planted in her mind, the idea grew and evolved. With imagery, memories and stories for the cards coming thick and fast, Carys began to catalogue and extend her research. Sharing her vision for each card with Marleen, who would intuitively draw and paint the illustrations, the cards slowly came to life. Little did Carys realise, she would unlock a hidden talent and surface as a creative writer by the end of the project. Jamie’s ability to share the cards on a digital platform elevates the project to make it readily accessible and easy to keep track of recurring messages and strong themes.

Drawing on a lifetime of creativity and ancestral wisdom, Carys, Marleen and Jamie have created Whispers From The Woods to bring you a touch of this very special magic.

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