About Carys

Carys draws inspiration from nature, folklore and rituals. Her designs vary from practical, functional everyday art to statement pieces. Carys originally trained as a printmaker and this often shows through in the detail of the surface decoration. You will find raw clay surfaces contrasting with a shiny, smooth glaze finish or highly decorated surfaces alongside negative space. The inspiration behind many of her pieces stem from growing up in a remote Cumbrian hamlet, where relics, stories and folklore were commonplace.

Carys completed her Art degree BA(Hons) studying in the UK and USA. She has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in the UK, USA and Australia and has taught art classes in the UK and Australia. 

We are committed to making beautiful handmade ceramic pieces that are all unique and made with love. We believe that the things you surround yourself with should bring you joy and have worth. They should have meaning and soul, and a story to tell.

We encourage you to join us and stand against the mass produced throw away mindset, to reduce your personal waste and choose things that are responsibly produced and hold meaning to you.