The Making Process

All pieces are handmade in my Cleveland Studio, whether thrown on the pottery wheel or hand built, each item is carefully created with intent. The making process begins with sketching ideas to determine the form and design of the piece. Then the creating begins.  

The process to make each piece is slow and mindful. Each step has to be done in a timely manner, and the clay often dictates the making schedule rather than the maker. From throwing the form on the pottery wheel, to carefully drying the piece to leather hard, to trimming the base, hand forming and attaching the handle, to carving the design; the piece slowly starts to become.

Once it is made it can then dry completely before its first firing, and then it is ready to be glazed. All glazes are made in the studio from raw materials. Our glaze palette is ever changing, and many of our finishes are achieve by layering a number of glazes on each other. This means that each piece is truly unique! After the glaze firing, many of my pieces are then hand painted with liquid gold before a final third firing. 

I source my clay from Australian quarries and all materials I use are Australian and natural where possible. Waste is minimised in the studio and we work to limit our impact on the natural environment. Scrap clay is recycled, kilns are only fired when full, plastic used is sourced from waste and reused and packaging materials are sourced locally.

We work with One Tree Planted and local planting initiatives, to contribute to caring for our planet and re establishing native forests. We do this by donating a portion of sales from our Holding Cups. We are currently working with a local Bush Care group to provide a Native Bee Hive to their Bush Care area. 

Our beautiful packaging has been specifically designed for our Holding Cups and is made with recycled materials and soy based inks. All artwork is original and designed and drawn by Carys. We worked with local Brisbane designers and manufactures whose environmental and ethical values align with ours. In using our bespoke packaging we are reducing the packaging needed and helping to spread our message, sharing the joy and creating awareness. 


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