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We are committed to creating beautiful art that is unique and made with love. We believe that the things you surround yourself with should bring you joy and have worth. They should have meaning and soul, and a story to tell.

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Our collections range from functional, everyday art to one-off pieces of art. All items are designed by Carys, and handmade over a number of weeks and fired in her studio in Cleveland in South East Queensland.

"I love the challenge of creating in clay. To visualise the finished pieces and work out how to create it is something I enjoy. I have often made and remade a piece in my head many, many times before I start to sketch and definitely before I touch the clay. I work out the best techniques to build it, the pressure points of the make and how the firing will affect the piece. I decide upon the glaze finish I want to strive for and how this finish will compliment my vision. During my life I have worked in many different mediums and specialised in Printmaking during my Arts degree. I think this has benefited my ceramic practice and helps me to take the surface decoration of my work to another level. I definitely visualise in layers and how they build to create the finished effect which is something that I credit to my printmaking training.

Ancient woodlands and their landscapes have always called to me. Even though I have lived in Australia for nearly 20 years, it is the fells, craggy rocks, gnarled trees and becks of Northern England and Wales that call to me. The quiet woods with their mossy floor and rocky becks that we played in and explored as children, the birds and woodland animals that are as familiar to me now as they ever have been. The rhythmic cycle of life in the farming community that rarely changes, is grounding and gives a sense of calm in an ever-changing world. The distance and having lived in other lands, seem to magnify and give clarity to just how special those areas are. In the untouched and remote woodlands, it is not so hard to imagine the folktales being true and the animals living their own magical lives that intertwine with the fairy folk. It is these images that come to me in my dreams. "

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Upcoming Exhibitions and Markets

Indigiscapes Eco Market

Sat 1st June



Made Local Market

Winter Market

Sat 15 / Sun 16th June

Exhibition Place, Bowen Hills




Thurs 17th - Sun 20th October

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Whispers From The Woods - Oracle Deck and Companion Book

Access your daily dose of guidance, full of ancestorial Celtic wisdom, folklore and folktales. These oracle cards help you to tap into your intuition and raise your self awareness, whilst connecting you to nature and the ancient lands of our Celtic forefathers.

Three generations of family come together, combining their unique talents and creativity to bring you Whispers From The Woods, a collection of oracle cards with an accompanying book. Marleen Morgans brings her incredible talent as an experienced artist, Jamie Martin delivers seamless tech wizardry enabling the cards to come to life on screen and Carys Martin is the artistic visionary, writer and mastermind of the project.

Drawing on a lifetime of creativity and ancestral wisdom, Carys, Marleen and Jamie have created Whispers From The Woods to bring you a touch of this very special magic.

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Clay Classes At The Makers' Meet

Carys runs regular hand building and wheel throwing classes and workshops at her studio in Cleveland.

You can join her for a 2 hour workshop where she will give you the tuition and guidance to create the hand building project. These workshops have a set hand building technique at their core but allow for individual creativity in how you choose to use this technique. You can copy from an example or let your creativity free! After you have made your piece you can add decoration with tissue transfers and underglazes. Carys will then carefully dry your piece before firing and then glazing with a clear glaze before it is ready to be fired again before collection.

In her 10 week evening classes you have the freedom to take on your own projects with tuition from Carys. You can explore and learn hand building techniques as well as wheel throwing. During the term you are involved in the firing process and glaze your own work. These classes are suitable for absolute beginners as well as experienced ceramicists wanting to further their love for clay with like minded individuals.

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Marleen Morgans Watercolours and Prints

Marleen Morgans (Carys's Mum) has lived a lifetime of Art, since graduating from Hornsey College of Art, London in the 1960's, she has spent her life honing her skills. She works in a variety of techniques with gouache, watercolour, pen and ink; she paints intuitively, drawing from a lifetime of experience.

You can see the influences of her design background in the decorative quality of her painting and in the exaggeration to the linear qualities in her work.

Each painting tells a story and will bring a little magic to your home.
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