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Carys Martin Ceramics

Whispers From The Woods oracle deck and online guide

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Access your daily dose of guidance, full of ancestral Celtic wisdom, folklore and folktales. These oracle cards help you to tap into your intuition and raise your self awareness, whilst connecting you to nature and the ancient lands of our Celtic forefathers.


Three generations of family come together to create this heirloom set, with guidance brought to you by Carys Martin, original paintings by her mother Marleen Morgans and the online guide thanks to the tech wizardry of her son Jamie Martin.

Included is an oracle deck of 48 cards and exclusive access to your online guide featuring:

  • Full colour illustrations of the cards

  • Your oracle message

  • Detailed and powerful guidance 

  • Age old family recipes

  • Celtic and Cumbrian Lore

  • Hand-drawn and illustrated original artwork

  • Ancestral wisdom

  • Magical rituals and poems

  • Folktales, stories and memories 

Want to know more? Join Carys as she tells you about the creation of this deck.