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Carys Martin Ceramics

Tod and Foxgloves

Tod and Foxgloves

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The sociable fox with its russet red fur and bushy tail lives in family groups. Its home, called an earth, is built among dense vegetation with multiple entrances and areas for storing food and raising young. The old northern English word for fox is tod or todde, and foxes are still commonly referred to as Tod in these areas. 

A born survivor, the fox has an adaptable nature that sees it thrive in a number of different habitats. The fox knows the woods like no other creature and it was this intimate knowledge that led the Celts to rely upon the fox as a guide in the spirit world. Legend also goes that fairies gave foxes the bells from foxgloves to wear upon their feet so they could creep silently through the forest, where the tall elegant spikes of bell-shaped blossoms would ring to warn the foxes of any danger. 

The fox is honoured for its wisdom and its cunning ability to think on its feet and make the most of any circumstance it finds itself in.

Wheel thrown and hand sculpted. Approx total height 50cm. To find out more about the making process click here.


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