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Carys Martin Ceramics


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One of its kind, original artwork mug.

Hazel: Inspiration


Inspiration can enhance wisdom.

It is time to seek out your inspiration. The hazy summer air of Hazel is charged with possibility. Summer storms break up slow, still days and provide equal space for moments of brilliance to strike.

Open yourself to sources of creativeness. Hazel is a gentle reminder that inspiration often comes out of the blue. It can be a chance meeting, a book that changes your perspective, a newly developed skill or travel that opens your eyes to new experiences. Hazel drops nuts into the Well of Wisdom to alert you to these bubbles of inspiration. The fluidity of water expresses that inspiration is not stagnant, it is a constantly moving flow which you can tap into at the right moment or frame of mind.

Hazel has concentrated all its power into the continual existence of the kernel of its fruit. You can also condense your knowledge to pass it on to others. Know you are often inspiring to others. By encouraging others, you will find yourself benefiting from the same energy and more motivated towards your own moments of brilliance. As you look outside of yourself to be inspired, remember that just as the hazel nuts are consumed to receive insight, wisdom obtained from your inspiration ultimately resides within you.

Approximate dimensions- height 10cm / diameter 8cm