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Carys Martin Ceramics

Moon Phase Wall Hanging

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The phases of the moon are complex and beautiful. As the moon moves through her phases so to do we, sometimes shining bright, and other times shying away from the light to allow ourselves time to regenerate, grow and clear our minds and thoughts. We often find our lives mirroring the deep spiritual meanings and ancient rituals associated with the changing of the moon.Seed heads, seashells, special stones, leaves, feathers and flowers. All the things you find that hold the magic of a moment, stir a memory and create a smile.

Full length 65cm  width 21cm

Hand built unique piece. 

I have been very particular in where I have sourced the butterflies from, finding a company that provides sustainably sourced specimens from a network of insect lovers worldwide. They work closely with butterfly breeders, collectors and entomologists worldwide and support the people who are indigenous to butterfly rearing countries and work to a strict code of ethics in terms of wildlife conservation.