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Carys Martin Ceramics

Mushroom Fairy

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One of its kind, original artwork mug.

Mushroom Fairy : Magic


Embrace magic to attract magic.

You do not need to understand or see to believe there are forces greater than you leading you to success. Like the spores of the mycelium, your energy radiates from you. The vibe that you put into the world will determine what you attract.

Keep your vibration high by practising gratitude, generosity and respect. The magic of this energy will lead to a clearer, happier, more energised you. This in turn will lift those around you and attract like-minded people to your inner circle. Like the fairy ring, the more this energy goes undisturbed, the more it will return time and time again.

The Mushroom Fairy can guide you through what cannot be seen. There is magic in this world, sometimes just under the surface if you look. It is time to surrender to the greater network you can’t control and see where the flow takes you. Fairies flit back and forth unseen on the summer's breeze, whispering messages to your soul and pulling those souls you most need to connect with towards you. Let the magic flow.

Approximate dimensions- height 10cm / diameter 8cm