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Carys Martin Ceramics


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One of its kind, original artwork mug.

Wren: Ingenuity


Ingenuity can be born of spontaneity.

It’s time to move quickly and adapt to new situations unswervingly. The Wren calls for fast moving and spontaneous decisions in life. Be ready to make them. Just as the end of summer leaves are starting to turn and there is a cooler nip in the air, the Wren demands readiness and resourcefulness to turn any situation to your advantage. This is the way of ingenuity. Sometimes the key to chasing away unhappiness is spontaneity and remembering you have the power to be impulsive and make a change to create something new. Unplanned does not always mean unsuccessful.

The Wren is King of the Birds because of its cunning and resourcefulness. You don’t need to be the biggest or the strongest to be the best or to succeed. Dance through life with a song in your heart and a vibrant cunning in your mind. Take any challenge in your ingenious stride and work it to your advantage. Practise spontaneity and see where it leads you.



See Whispers From The Woods oracle deck and companion book for more information on the meaning.

This wheel thrown mug is hand decorated with layers of different glazes and liquid gold and takes many weeks to create.   

Found in a place with magic in the air, where misty mornings gather dew on mossy rocks and sunlight forms dappled shadows under the trees. The animals in this wood hear the whispering of the ancients as their lives intertwine through the passing seasons. 

Approximate dimensions- height 10cm / diameter 8cm