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Carys Martin Ceramics


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One of its kind, original artwork mug.

Frog: Vulnerability


Cherish your vulnerability to reveal the true you. 

Embrace your sensitivity and allow yourself to feel vulnerable. The Frog reminds you to be aware of your surroundings and to move with the flow of the seasons. By being vulnerable, you open yourself up to a deeper, more meaningful life. Too often vulnerability is viewed negatively, but if you can shift your perspective, you see that showing vulnerability takes courage. It is important to have the courage to own your feelings and consider any toxic environments you may be a part of. Remove yourself from them and let others see the true you.

Turn your face toward the springtime sun and let the warmth cradle you through your period of openness. Break down any walls you may have built around yourself in unwelcome situations. Release the personas you have created, and shine authentically as yourself. Being vulnerable builds resilience, which will in turn help you master your emotions and forge better relationships with those around you.

See Whispers From The Woods oracle deck and companion book for more information on the meaning.

This wheel thrown mug is hand decorated with layers of different glazes and liquid gold and takes many weeks to create.   

Found in a place with magic in the air, where misty mornings gather dew on mossy rocks and sunlight forms dappled shadows under the trees. The animals in this wood hear the whispering of the ancients as their lives intertwine through the passing seasons. 

Approximate dimensions- height 10cm / diameter 8cm