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Carys Martin Ceramics

Hedgehog Woodland Sprite

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One of its kind, original artwork.

Hedgehog: Self-protection


You are all you need to succeed.

You have all the abilities you need to survive and achieve what you want in life. The Hedgehog comes as your life guide to help you find your inner strength and face any situation on your own. The guardian of peace, the Hedgehog shows that wisdom, kindness and courage are all contained within you. Like its gentle and self-sacrificing defence tactic, the Hedgehog reminds you that you do not need to hurt others in order to protect yourself.

Whenever you compare yourself to, or come in contact with others, you experience an unconscious exchange of energy. These exchanges can leave you feeling depleted or elated. Occasionally, other people's energies can trigger something in you that you need to work on. They may overstep your boundaries leaving you feeling drained. You might attract strangers who feel safe to share their problems with you. Remember to protect your spiritual energy by being aware of how you feel. In order to shelter yourself, politely remove yourself from unwanted situations or limit the time you spend in those environments. Create a protective bubble that gently repels negative energy, just as Hedgehog balls up with its protective spikes.

The Hedgehog also brings blessings of autumn to remind you it is acceptable to slow down and retreat when you need to. Try and reconnect with the seasons to help your flow and accept you need some alone time to recharge. Roll away from toxic environments and ‘energy vampires’ and learn to trust in yourself.

Approximate dimensions- height 7cm