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Carys Martin Ceramics

Owl Woodland Sprite Box

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One of its kind, original artwork lidded Owl box.

Owl: Wisdom


Find truth through insight and integrity.

Some problems require a higher perspective to achieve the necessary wisdom for a solution. Draw on the Owl to assist you in making good judgements in current situations. Ask yourself:
Do I move with truth?
Do I move with honour?
Do I move with insight?

The Owl has zero tolerance for deception and reminds you that wisdom is not born of deceiving others. The truth of your actions will always win out, just as seeds sown will eventually spring forth for the harvest. There is no hiding dishonesty. Deceit will only cause trouble once discovered. Be sure you take time to gain perspective and make decisions based on your insight. Try to see things from all sides before coming to a conclusion. This will help you to act and achieve things for the greater good.

Be sure to reflect on that which has not gone well for you lately and apply your learning to future situations. This is how wisdom is eventually born. Act with integrity, especially when no one is watching, rather than in fear of the judgment of others. It will bring peace and confidence to your being and draw like-minded people to your circle.

Remember, true wisdom is often found in the unseen. Use the Owl to guide you to see what others cannot and to strive to live with truth and honour.

Approximate dimensions of main owl- height 6cm