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Carys Martin Ceramics

Whispers From The Woods App. Scan QR code to access subscription

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The Whispers From The Woods oracle deck and guide is brought to you in this digital version. Make this deck part of your daily ritual to guide and help you to make choices that lead you to a positive and abundant future.

Through Jamie's tech wizardry he delivers an incredible experience, enabling the cards to come to life on screen. You can subscribe to the cards online to do your daily reading for $5 per month, the app tracks your readings showing you the messages that come through to you strongest each month. You have space to journal and record your thoughts around your reading and how the guidance you received is relevant to you in that moment. As your messages come to you, you can read then on your device or listen to the audio of some of the guidance and folklore that is stored on the app. Jamie’s ability to share the cards on a digital platform elevates the project to make it readily accessible and easy to keep track of recurring messages and strong themes.

Included in the free plan:

  • A free reading every 30 days

  • Oracle deck of 48 high-end cards

  • Full illustrations of the cards

  • Detailed and powerful guidance

  • Ancestral wisdom and Celtic lore

Subscribe for $5 per month for access to daily readings, your card collection, journal, your patterns and more! Subscribe via the link - or the QR code