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Carys Martin Ceramics


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One of its kind, original artwork mug.

Wolf: Faith


Have faith you will find your pack, for they undeniably exist.

Slow down and be still. The Wolf comes in the barrenness of winter, when the land is still and animals are restful, to encourage you to halt. Be present and fully immerse yourself in your feelings and how they align with those you consider your pack, or those you wish to belong with. To accept your light and to explore your dark, you must understand what you need, or what you are missing.

When you see a lone Wolf, it has often been pushed out of a pack by a dominant male or female. Without the protection of the pack, life is much harsher and survival harder. Regardless of your independence, you need your pack. The care of those who love and care for you unconditionally, and who understand you, will see you thrive and grow.

Often, the desire to seek out like-minded individuals, whether by joining a club or starting a new hobby, is your innate longing to be part of a pack. Choose to take part in activities that light up your soul in order to find your pack. Simply saying yes to new experiences can instantly bring a feeling of hope and belonging. Try to be open and reserve judgement as you just never know who you might connect with.

The Wolf brings a sense of sisterhood, or brotherhood. This is felt when you find your tribe or pack and can create a feeling of safety that then allows you to explore yourself deeper to see where you fit in. Like the Wolf, you are only as strong as the connections you have with others. The importance of teamwork and collaboration to lift everyone in their growth should never be overlooked. When you find your Wolfpack, they will give you the courage to explore all aspects of who you are. They will be the comfort to accept your shadow side, and will stand by you with intense loyalty.

Have you found your Wolf pack? It could be your birth family, a work team or your closest companions who give you the security you need to take risks in order to learn and grow. Have faith in finding your people. Nurture the connections that feel true to who you are, as there is no better feeling than finding your tribe.



See Whispers From The Woods oracle deck and companion book for more information on the meaning.

This wheel thrown mug is hand decorated with layers of different glazes and liquid gold and takes many weeks to create.   

Found in a place with magic in the air, where misty mornings gather dew on mossy rocks and sunlight forms dappled shadows under the trees. The animals in this wood hear the whispering of the ancients as their lives intertwine through the passing seasons. 

Approximate dimensions- height 10cm / diameter 8cm